Dear Artist, Musician, Representative, Fan or Family Member. Thank you for interest in submitting music for consideration by Afghan Smart.

    What we are asking for:
  • For audio song(s), we ask for High Quality MP3 (128kbps/320kbps) version of the song(s)
  • For music video(s), we ask for High Definition (720p/1028p) version of the music video(s)
  • The right to licence your song(s) on a non-exclusive basis to any of our clients around the world
    The Terms of Submission:
  • You confirm and accept legal responsibility submitted works to Afghan Smart are the property of the artist, and all rights to these works being submitted, including lyrics and music, are the property of the artist.
  • You confirm and accept legal responsibility that submitted works contain no recordings, lyrics, copyrights, or other elements that are the copyright of any other artist, except under the limited provisions of the Creative Commons License Agreement.