Coming Soon

September 09, 2016

After 2014's collaboration on the album Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na which created many hit singles such as "Tehran Maserati", "Pesare Bad", and "Gole Sangam", the group has started recording new material for their upcoming album "Pir Shodim Vali Bozorg Na Volume 2". Alireza JJ, Sijal, and Nassim are preparing this album for April 2016, which will be released exclusively by Radio Javan! We will share with you more details about the album as they become available.

Update: June 6th

The album is scheduled to be released by summer 2016.

Update: November 20

The first major news and details of PSVBN2 is ready to be announced! The first single is "Ki Khoobe Ki Bad" and it features Behzad Leito, Sami Low (from Wantons), and AFX. Alireza JJ and Sijal are currently shooting the music video for this track, which will be released by the end of December 2015, just a month away. It's a commercial track that has music produced by Alireza JJ and AFX, with Sijal writing the chorus lines.

Then the next update is that Sohrab MJ will be joining Alireza JJ and Sijal on a song they have been working for a year now called "Vitamine 30". It's a personal track that reunites Sohrab MJ, Alireza JJ and Sijal together again and also will be featuring Behzad Leito. This will be the the second single for the album and will be released in January timeframe.

The album will include 10-12 tracks and will feature artists including Sohrab MJ, Behzad Leito, Sepehr Khalse, Sami Low, and Raha. More artists are expected to join the album.